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Knobs VS Pulls: Which Handle To Go With?

Whether you are currently renovating your house or building a new one, a lot of detail goes into finalizing the interior of your living space. When it comes to the finalization of your kitchen, special attention must be paid towards the cabinet and drawers that need to be incorporated in such place. Once you have finalized the design of such cabinets or drawers then an important decision must be taken in respect to the handle that is placed on such an addition to your house.  

For those who don’t know, there are two types of features that are commonly incorporated in kitchen drawers and cabinets and these include physical handles that are designed to stick out of their target area or you can go with a handle-free approach altogether. If you have decided on incorporating a physical handle on your cabinet or drawer then the next step lined in your decision is to finalize the shape and design of the handle that is set to be incorporated in your living space. Two of the most widely implemented handles available for cabinets and drawers are knobs and pulls. If you are not sure which physical handle to go forward with then don’t worry as that is why we at are here to make your decision easier.  

We will kick things off with a knob and how such a drawer handles in Australia enhances the performance and look of your house interior. Kitchen knobs have been the traditional answer for cabinets and drawers that are commonly designed in houses. If you wish to keep a traditional theme in your house interior then a you need to go with a knob as the answer for your cabinet handle. There is a full range of options that you can explore in an effort to enhance the overall appeal of your cabinet or drawer. Moreover, such additions are designed to be durable despite their appearance and size. If you wish to install such a traditional addition in your house interior then all you need to do is to appropriately place the screw in its intended area and get to work.  

Houses and interior spaces that incorporate a modern look are likely to go with a pull as opposed to a knob as this is what the latest trends have demonstrated. As knobs have been the traditional approach for houses and interior spaces, drawer and cabinet pulls are designed to offer a different look and feel as compared to its alternate solution available in the market. The appearance in size might be considerably different when compared to a knob but this does not mean that such an addition is difficult to install in its intended place. Just like a knob, pulls also require the assistance of the involved screws in order to be placed in a cabinet or a drawer and this enhances their overall appeal.  

Visit and discover a fresh range of design options that you can get for your cabinet or drawer handle. Our complete range of options is perfectly suited to enhance the overall appeal of any interior space where such additions are eventually placed.  drawer-handles-install