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Proper Care Of Photocopy Machines

In an office setup, it is very likely to see office copiers as part of the day to day life of the employees. Be it in the main area, or in a room dedicated to the filing system, photocopiers are a good way of reproducing required amount of copies to be distributed, such as office memos, without having to exhaust the printer with all that work. And usually, most people have access to this technological wonder that they take it for granted at times, like the pantry’s microwave (which is an issue for another time). Here are some of what you must remind them in order to take proper care of your office copiers.

Copy with caution

If you are to photocopy documents, as much as possible, make sure to remove hard objects attached to the paper like staples or clip binders which may scratch the glass. Do not force thick pile of documents when pressing it on the scanner. Remove the clutter (if there are) before you start using the machine. Never lean on the glass on any case, and why would you? Don’t slam the cover when closing the machine. Turn off when leaving the office. These are basic and simple yet many tend to overlook.

Don’t press unfamiliar buttons

If unfamiliar with the buttons, seek for help and don’t guess press. However, there are many copiers for sale that are not complicated and very user-friendly. Or have a guide attached on a board near the photocopier.

Proper paper loading

As patrons of the office copier, it is also your responsibility to have your paper properly loaded in the copier. Jamming usually occurs for papers that are placed in the tray that are either folded or creased or not aligned. While it’s okay to recycle the unused back portion of documents, make sure that the paper is still in a good, straight state. And only use papers and ink that are compatible with the photocopier. As much as possible, use high quality paper and toner in order to prevent causing dusts inside the printer.

Regular cleaning

Make sure that your office copier undergoes routinely maintenance and cleaning to reduce encountering troubles with the use of it. Have the toner replaced on a regular basis, or whenever asked by the printer/copier. The quality of prints produced in the copier is maintained if the toner tray is also cleaned and vacuumed for seamless ink flow. Furthermore, the glass (to which the paper to be copied is scanned) must also be wiped by a damp cloth sided by a glass cleaner. But before all that, never forget to turn off the copier before cleaning or inspection or maintenance.

Troubleshoot immediately

If there’s something wrong with the copier, don’t leave it be. Find where the issue is, and if that’s not possible, call for photocopier repairs for immediate response to the copier’s needs. Have a number of professionals near the machine.You may not know it but taking good care of your copier will make this machine last longer and prevent less trouble. If you or your officemates don’t observe these copier care guidelines, then it’s another procurement and purchase of office equipment process all over again, in which, it is way easier to just take good care of the copier.